What it takes to Succeed with Big Data

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It is official – big data jobs have been declared the sexiest jobs of the 21st century.  For a long time, nobody could make sense of big data.  There are still so many myths that shroud the data analytics field.  Hasn’t big data been there all along?  Isn’t it just another name for the universal set, or just a catch phrase?  Is it just a blanket term with no decipherable specifics?  In effect, the whole world is talking about it.  And how there’s a dearth of talent to support the huge impact it can have in the reshaping of corporate decision making.


Well, if you’re looking for a change in career, to gather more knowledge on data analytics, or if you’re just interested in understanding more about big data, you’re on the right page.  Here are some of the things you need to know to succeed in the big data world!


Big data isn’t just for big companies

It’s important to first understand that big data can apply anywhere.  The most famous biggies in big data – Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – these companies are the pioneers and can definitely boast of huge impacts that data mining has had for them.  But there are also companies that have “little data” who can put it to use just as effectively – and have! It doesn’t all have to be larger than life.  Sometimes, the very big differences can be made of small inferences from little, but relevant data.


It’s not just in one industry

Big data isn’t just for the IT enthusiasts.  It applies in such a variety of fields that its scope is close to unimaginable.  Be it marketing, sales, HR, IT, FMCG, banking – Big data jobs are sought after everywhere.  There’s a universal need now for people who can ask the right business questions and interpret the right answers from available data.


Engineers, Visualizers, Scientists – Roles galore

Being a data scientist might probably be the sexiest job.  What if you’re trying to make a career shift?  You could fit in anywhere!  What matters more than your designation is your commitment to making more data driven decisions; willingness to learn on the job and the ability to think out of the box.  Degrees in mathematics, statistics, MBAs, work experience – all of these are just added advantages that can help you make it big!


Using the right data

There’s so much data available to everyone.  How do you know what matters?  It all starts with understanding business needs.  Take time to understand what you / the company intends to do with the data.  If it’s just very specific things you’re looking for, so much the better! Identifying clear goals can make the potential of implementing a big data program more successful!


The people are still important

The big data boom has definitely not replaced people.  And analytics tools and engines have not replaced human intelligence.  It isn’t enough to rely on advanced algorithms to give us answers to our business needs.  What matters is being able to make sense out of what software or machines offer as possible solutions.  Recommending a solution or actually making a data driven decision is driven by analytics tools, which make data more easy to visualize and decrypt.  But that doesn’t reduce the value of people in an organization.


Never stop learning: Keep reading and updating yourself on the developments in data science, big data and analytics.  If you truly want to make it big (anywhere, for that matter), you’ve got to realize that there’s no end to learning.  Big data is such a huge opportunity, and its application has so many facets.  Joining and following various social network discussion threads, and reading up content available in so many forms of media – they will take you closer to succeeding in the big data world.

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